A Critically Important Journey to a Better World

What made America so special? Why was America a Beacon of Hope and Freedom to the world for centuries. The reason is because she was founded on Conservative, Traditional Judeo-Christian values. The following is a list of 14 Core Socioeconomic and Political Values.

Traditional Judeo-Christian ValueOpposing Secular View
#8 The Family is Critically Important – The traditional family is the “building block” of society. Parents are responsible for raising and educating children.Family can mean anything (which means it means nothing). The government is ultimately responsible for raising and educating children.
#9 Marriage is Sacred – Marriage is defined by God to be a lifelong union between one man and one woman. Sex is intended only for marriage.Marriage can be redefined. Sex is permitted outside of marriage.
#10 Gender is defined – Gender is either male or female. It is determined by biology at birth. Gender differences are celebrated as beneficial to society.There are many different genders which are determined by a person’s feelings. Traditional gender roles and differences are suppressed.
#11 We are One Blood – We are all decedents of the same parents. People should be judged by their character, not their demographics.Gender, race and ethnicity are exploited to divide people into opposing groups and create strife for political gain.
#12 Love your Enemies – Hate evil, but show love to those who mistreat you or disagree with you.Multiculturalism is taught which either promotes or tolerates everything except Traditional Judeo-Christian values.
#13 Redress of Grievances – Seek help via prayer and peaceful, non-violent resistance.Justify protests that are often hateful, violent and destructive to property.
#14 Helping the Needy – Help people directly by seeking to improve their behavior and solve problems.Prefer government welfare programs that tend to create dependency and a sense of entitlement.
Traditional Judeo-Christian ValueOpposing Secular View
#15 God Grants Liberty – Rights such as freedom of speech and religion are God-given.Rights are allowed and denied by government.
#16 We are Created Equal – Success should be determined by the effort and performance of individuals in fair competition.The goal of “social justice” is equal outcomes regardless of individual effort and performance.
#17 Limit Government – The poor historical performance of political elites drives a desire for a nationalistic, fiscally conservative, and constitutionally limited government.Pride and the lust of elites for more power drives progressivism, socialism, and globalism.
#18 The Engine of Progress – Individuals unencumbered by excessive government control create the progress that benefits the whole nation.Progress comes from government elites who use high taxes and regulation to force their policies on the nation.
#19 Individual Opportunity – Individuals who follow the rules should keep most of the fruits of their hard work and creativity.Government enforcement of “the collective good” is favored over individual opportunity.
#20 Stewardship of God’s Creation – We worship our Creator God who has provided nature for our benefit.Nature is worshiped. Preservation of the environment is used as a pretext to undermine capitalism.
#21 Support the Nation of Israel – Respect for the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (the Jewish people) and their right to their homeland.Tends to be anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian.

Other Important Topics Include:

  • Freedom of Speech, Religion, Press and Assembly
  • Parenting
  • Work and finance
  • They collude with others in ways that are convenient for all parties
  • Evolution
  • Environmental radical
  • Racism, sexism, envy, hatred
  • H1N1
  • War
  • Coverups
  • Limited gov’t
  • Free markets and Free enterprise
  • Personal responsibility and individualism
  • Strong defend and borders
  • Moral absolutes and Traditional values
  • Education
  • Corporate corruption
  • Radical environmentalism